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Violet ([personal profile] violetblackmoon) wrote2014-04-01 04:57 pm

First Circle Cast

 Today I cast my first circle.

Despite my inexperience, I think it went rather well. The purpose of this circle was for practice and to affirm that I am a serious Dedicant/Neophyte. 

Were my movements and mannerisms perhaps a bit too awkward? Yes, but with time and training I am confident I can find the grace to make the practice serene and beautiful. Was my voice a little too small and soft? Probably, but I cast the circle with my own words, and I worried over whether or not they were doing the ritual justice.

In retrospect, I could have also cast a bigger circle as I could barely sit down in the center of mine, but lesson learned.

There was, briefly, a moment of panic when I was releasing the circle, where my cat began to eat the feathers I was using to represent air. I worried about what would happen should he eat them all before the circle was released (side note: what would happen?), but thankfully, he stopped and let me finish my business before taking the final feather.

I also bought a few votive candles and a pretty candle holder for my altar. Though I haven't quite figured out where I will place my altar, it's rather nice to begin collecting things for it, I think.

In any event, it is a start.