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Last night was serene and peaceful and I could not have asked for a more beautiful night with which to begin my new spiritual journey.

While my house slept, I stood at the threshold of my home and gazed up at a moonless sky.

It felt very fitting to me to do this at the threshold. I feel it was very symbolic. I am, after all, on the cusp of following a new spiritual path, and I just felt like it needed to be done this way.

Because I have not yet studied for a year and a day, it felt wrong for me to cast a circle or invoke spirits and elements aside from the Goddess*. I am only a humble neophyte, after all.

With an open heart, I made my promise to her. I would study and begin to practice the Craft, and when a year and a day has passed, I will dedicate myself to her with all the honor and respect she deserves. I asked that she guide me, her youngest and newest pupil, as I learn more about my new path in life.

And in response, the sweetest midnight wind blew gently across my face, enveloping me in a cool, serene embrace.

Oh, how my heart lifted!

This was the Goddess herself, holding my hand, kissing my brow and drawing me into her embrace, welcoming me to her heart.

I slept peacefully and woke this morning to a rainy day.

She is smiling down at me, telling me she has heard my promise. The rain is a gift. It is the Goddess washing away the trappings of my past life and of my other, failed spiritual path.

Today I am cleansed and reborn, a daughter of the Goddess.

More and more, I am sure this is my path and I look forward to continuing my journey.

Blessed be.

*It is my personal belief that there is one Divine Spirit who manifests to others in ways that speak to the individual. Some perceive a single God or Goddess, others see many faces and multiple deities. For me, she is a Goddess, and perhaps sometimes also a God, but for this induction to my new spiritual life, she came to me as the Goddess.


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